Meeting of the Minister of the Interior with the youth and students


April 27, 2015 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General militia Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro met with the youth and students of higher educational institutions of Tajikistan.
In his speech, Minister of the Interior Ramazon Rahimzoda noted that one of the main aims of police reform strategy for 2014-2020 years is the close interaction between the police with the public, especially the youth.
The Government relies on young people, as they are an important link in the development of our society.
But, unfortunately, the some younger generation follow various extremist groups and currents, risking their lives, leaving family and friends, giving life in useless fighting in other countries. The entry of young people in various extremist movements is due to the low level of education, lack of vision, an educated man.
During the meeting, university students talked about unity and solidarity, respect for parents, to refuse any unlawful actions of extremist.
The next speaker was the teacher of the Branch of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonsov in Dushanbe Anvar Abdulloev and emphasized the special attention and care attached by the Head of State of Youth and their bright future.
Thus, students of TNU Khushvakhtov Asliddin, Davlatov Amirhudzha, Yatimova Nigora, Mehrubon Zokirov, Husseinov Dilshod, Olimov Olim, from Medical University; Pirova Gulizor, Hamidov Faridoon, from the Tajikistan Art Institute; Otaboeva Fayzigul, Tajik Technological University student Oripova Midzhgona. In their speeches, they pointed out that today the younger generation should learn skillfully modern science and technology, appreciate their time and effort to send only good things in the community, as extremist and radical movements are trying to engage them in a senseless war.
Young people, assured that in response for the care and attention of the President they will study hard, to contribute to the preservation of the future, stability, peace and security, as well as to the development and prosperity of the country.
At the end of the meeting, Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Ramazon Rahimzoda thanked the students and young people for taking active participation and open conversation, and said he believes, that young people should read the history, culture and traditions of their ancestors, have national dignity, and make a creative force in the development of our country.