Creation of an advance team of the vanguard


August 20, 2015 in the conference hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held an open conversation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the youth of the country.
The meeting was initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the Committee on Youth, Sports and Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, in which young people and students gathered in Dushanbe, as well as the districts of republican subordination.
The sides discussed issues of cooperation between law-enforcement bodies with the public, especially with the youth of the country, preventing the contiguity of young people in all parties and illegal groups of terrorist and extremist character, adherence alien cultures, to establish on the part of young vanguard group.
Interior Minister Lieutenant-General of militia Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro in the presence of youth representatives noted that one of the main objectives of the reform is to strengthen police cooperation bodies of internal affairs with the public.
According to the head of the Interior Ministry, the creation of front groups among the youth and students aimed at propaganda among the population, the community and educational institutions idea of the state, improving respect for national values, to prevent extremist views.
The Interior Minister said that the threats of the modern world, terrorism and extremism, contiguity of young people in radical groups become a global concern. Youth rapidly should actively fight against these negative phenomena.
During the meeting, also spoke First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, the major general of militia Alamshozoda Abdurahmon Alamsho with the theme "Following an alien culture among youth and its prevention." It was noted that young people should value every minute of their time, to raise the level of knowledge to study science, to receive vocational training, to contribute to the prosperity of the country, and only together they will be able to fight against any negative effects.
Also made speech Senior Advisor Minister of the Interior Militia Colonel Buhorizoda Mansoor and said Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the public, will regularly organize meetings, conferences and events involving young people from all over the republic.
In the end, youth and students exchanged proposals to prevent the entry of young people into a group called "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and the promotion of national culture, which approved their tangible proposal.