Youth are always ready to contribute to the prosperity and the preservation of our peace in Tajikistan


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of voluntary vigilantes freelance police officers, vanguard groups, youth and active university students in Dushanbe on 12 September 2015, had a meeting in the complex "Kohi Jomi".
First, made a speech, senior advisor of the Minister of Interior colonel of militia Buhorizoda Mansour and briefed about the purpose of the meeting.
Deputy Minister of Interior major-general of militia Solehzoda Iskandar in his speech stressed results of voluntary squads and freelance police officers for the eight-month period of work in 2015, and noted that the youth and students must always be vigilant, knowledgeable in the field of modern science, is constantly making its contribute to the prosperity of the country, the peace and tranquility of our beloved homeland, regularly actively participate with staff of the Interior in the protection of public order.
Senior Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Public Police Colonel Kudratullo Gulomov noted the activities of vigilantes and freelancers, and noted that every day up to 550 combatants and non-staff, along with the police are serving investing a significant contribution to the protection of public order, the rule of law, protection rights and freedoms of citizens in the fight against crime.
Also, the head of the Department Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dushanbe police colonel Kungurotzoda Foteh expressed that Dushanbe - is the heart of Tajikistan, and youth have to make regular contributions to the development of their beloved homeland, take care of it and all the forces to maintain stability and peace in our country.
In the course of the meeting some students and youth of Dushanbe made a speech: Davlatov Ahmadhudzha - postgraduate of TNU, Halimov Abdualim- head of the department of youth TGKU, Husseinov Dilshod - student of the 2 nd year of financial and economic faculty of TNU and Sharipov Mahmadullo - student 3rd year TTU by name M.Osimi, pointed out that "Peace in our country - this is the most valuable thing on earth, and nothing can compare with him", also condemned the treacherous act committed by the former Deputy Minister of Defense Nazarzoda Abduhalim.
In fact, those were the student of 2nd course of financial and economic faculty TNU Huseynov Dilshod, noted in his speech that "We were born in the period of independence, an will be proud of our country and the efforts of our dear President Emomali Rakhmon we have achieved stability and peace, day by day our region is booming, and we will not allow anyone to destroy never our unity, our world and our peace of mind."
During the event were shown a documentary called "The Road to darkness" and "Repentance", prepared by the press center of the Interior Ministry, which is interested in all the participants.
At the end of the meeting the voluntary combatants, freelancers, vanguard groups, youth and active university students visited the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Department Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dushanbe, where they got acquainted with the service police.