Appeal Of Youth of Republic of Tajikistan to the German Parliament and the University of Heidelberg of Federal Republic of Germany!

We are youth of the Republic of Tajikistan respectfully appeal to German Parliament, as a democratic, secular and justified Parliament, that the former head of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) Muhiddin Kabiri, as leader of the terrorist group with members of this group in September 2015 involved to the terrorist acts, where were killed a large number of citizens and law enforcement officers, caused to destabilization of political situation in Tajikistan.

It should be noted that members of the terrorist group, who were most members of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, over the past several years had planned these terrorist extremists’ acts, killed law enforcement staffs.
By decision of the Supreme Court of Republic of Tajikistan the Islamic Renaissance Party was declared as a terrorist party, the head of it party through Interpol announced in the international search.
Also born in Tajikistan, Dodojon Atovulloev nowadays living in Germany, acts as traitors, ingrate with provocative views and opinions against the Tajik nation, spread groundless unreal slander.
These people, who inwardly full of hatred and enmity, are always trying to ignore the positive and distinguish steps of Tajikistan and with various ways, try to destabilize the peaceful in our country. Today, the proud Tajik people know and understand that the only people of the country build their Homeland. We appeal enemies of the state and nation and say that with bad intention will not go far! They also with their dirty aims, separatism, sowing the seeds of enmity and hypocrisy never get intention.
We turned to the European Parliament saying that how can you support such person who are the terrorists and extremists, intend to destabilize the situation of democratic country, believing to his lie and falsehood gave chance to make a speech in leading German university - the University of Heidelberg.
We are always respected with friendly people of Germany, particularly with the city of Klagenfurt, twin city with our Dushanbe, note that Tajik people are always interested in peace and stability in the country and now they have all rights and privileges, do not want that enemies of the state and nation with their lies and biased propaganda delude you.
If a person doesn’t care of his own Homeland, birthplace, his ancestral homes, its soil and water, wherever work and life, he will be a source of threats and conflicts. It’s necessary to German security officials, to suppress community danger person, to prevent their goals and purpose, in establishment of terrorist and extremist groups. As Muhiddin Kabiri in time and urgent manner in a short period by the law enforcement agencies of Turkey was expelled from the country.


Youth of the Republic of Tajikistan