Young people - the creator of the Motherland

In the meeting 27 April 2015, Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro said that the entry of youth in various extremist movements going on illiteracy, lack of patriotism, that self-respecting man would never allow to commit unwanted and illegal actions.

Science and new technologies require that young people with creative energy and a tribute to the national values to learn new knowledge, and had good behavior in society.
During the meeting university students talked about unity and solidarity, respect for parents and Tajik people, the refusal of contiguity of any wrongful actions of extremist groups, called the youth to earn the trust of the government and the people.
The next speaker was the teacher of the branch of Moscow State University named by M. Lominosov in Dushanbe Anvar Abdulloev and stressed the special attention is paid to the head of state care of youth and a brighter future.
Also, students of TNU Khushvakhtov Asliddin, Davlatov Amirhudzha, Yatimova Nigora, Mehrubon Zokiri, Husseinov Dilshod, Olimov Olim students of Medical University, Pirova Gulizor, Faridun Khamidov, a student at the Institute of Art Otaboeva Fayzigul Tajikistan, Tajik Technological University student Oripova Midzhgona. In their speeches, they pointed out that today the younger generation must learn modern science and technology, to appreciate their time and effort to send only to the benefit of society. Unfortunately, extremist and radical movements are trying to engage them in a senseless war.
Young people, in turn, assured that in return for the care and attention of the Head of State, they will work hard to contribute to the preservation of stability, peace, security, development and prosperity of the country.
At the end of the meeting Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Ramazon Rahimzoda thanked the students and youth for taking active participation and open discussion, and noted that young people should read the rich history of the culture and traditions of their ancestors, have national dignity and creative power to guide the country's development .