The group of Vanguard its beginning, the activities and achievements

When we had the idea of creating a group of "Vanguard", the youth of the country, addressed to the Minister of the Interior, and with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, we have the opportunity to create the group. Thus, in early 2015 it had a strong core of "Vanguard". Our initiative - the fight against youth crime and radical groups whose goal is preventive work with young people.

The group "Vanguard" with the support of the Minister of Internal Affairs traveled almost all the edges of Tajikistan and held their trainings, seminars, and including the month of May 2015, held a scientific-practical seminar on "Cooperation between the youth with the police in the fight against extremism" which took place in the city of Kulyab, where she performed the youth, "Vanguard" and urged their peers to cooperate with the police.
A similar workshop was held in Sughd region and Rasht Valley, which was attended by all the youth of Tajikistan and discussed current problems of society terrorism and extremism. August 20, 2015, in the hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held an open conversation management of internal affairs bodies with the youth of the country. This meeting, which took place by the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which brought together young people and students from the towns, regions and districts of the republic. During the conversation, touched on the cooperation of the Interior with the public, especially the youth of the country to prevent the junction of young people in all the illegal parties and movements, wearing terrorist-extremist also follow alien cultures.
It was noted that one of the main objectives of the reform of the police is to strengthen the interaction between law-enforcement bodies with the population. Development of advanced groups among the youth and students will be directed to propaganda among the population, the community and educational institutions, the idea of the state, increasing respect for national values, to prevent the negative attitudes of young people in contiguity radical groups that have become a global concern. Young people, as the great and creativity of the country should effectively combat the negative phenomena as terrorism and extremism.
In September this year in the metropolitan complex "Kohi Jomi" held a meeting of the "Vanguard" with freelancers, volunteer warriors, youth and active students in the country, where they discussed issues of strengthening cooperation of society with the police, prevention practice a foreign culture, extremist ideas, preventive attachment of young people to the various parties and movements of extremist-terrorist nature. In his speech, the asset group "Vanguard" have expressed that they are young people born in the period of independence, proud of their homeland, and thanks to the efforts of our dear President, that have achieved peace and stability in the country, day after day, our region is booming and we are nobody ever allow to destroy our unity, our world and our peace of mind.
October 7 of this year, in the conference room of the Ministry, the assets of "Vanguard" met with the Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro, to discuss the upcoming trip to Russia for a meeting with the Tajik diaspora, migrant workers and young Tajiks. During the working visit, the members of the "Vanguard" starting from October 9 to October 20, visited the Russian Federation and met at the Embassy with representatives of the Embassy of Tajikistan in the Russian Federation, where they discussed issues such as the promotion of public attitudes, respect for national values, prevention extremist ideas and other issues of the upcoming meetings with fellow Tajiks in Russia.
Youth group "Vanguard" at the next meeting, met with representatives of public organizations, including the head of the "Tajikistan" Gavkhar Djuraeva and chairman of the movement "Tajik labor migrants" Karomat Sharipov, with young workers in the trade center of the city of Moscow called "Sadovod" and "Lublin" in which busy working in various areas of more than 5,000 representatives of Tajik youth and the city of Tver Russian Federation visited the enterprise "Berkut-plus" head, which is Ghayurov Komronbek Odinaevich. This company produces hunting and military clothing, which involved many citizens of Tajikistan. In the Kalinin district of Tver region Youth of "Vanguard" met with the head of the Kalinin district of Tver region Zavadsky Witold Vatslavovich, and with the workers of the sewing enterprise "Tadzhiktekstil" in the city of Tver, got acquainted with the activities of our workers and the head of the department, are a large number of women and men - Tajik citizens are busy sewing clothes.
In the Palace of Culture Proletarian District of Tver region asset group "Vanguard" took part in the conference with the participation of Head of the Public Relations Office of the Governor of the Tver region Gagarin Andrey Vasilyevich, head of the Kalinin district of Tver Zavadsky Witold Vatslavovich, President of the Cultural Society of the Tver region Maybaliev Mukim Khushvahtovich and Tajik companies in Tver region.
They were happy to see their compatriots among us in the spirit of patriotism interviewed about his beloved homeland and pressing problems of society. In the Rameshkovo district of Tver region members of the "Vanguard" met the head of the district Igor Pavlov and other administration officials. It should be noted that in this area live and work in more than 600 Tajiks. In the village of Perelogy in Rameshkovsky District, youth visited the garment factory under the guidance of our compatriots Shahrituz district of Tajikistan, Jura and Mazhab Hushakov. In this venture, our workers are busy sewing clothes while doing their job efficiently and with love.
In the above-mentioned meetings of the avant-garde group by open discussions on the topics of preventing repetition of an alien culture, youth junction to different groups of extremists - a terrorist nature, and promote increasing respect for the national values of the Tajik people.
It should be noted that the main purpose of the state youth policy in the Republic of Tajikistan is to create a legal environment and direct the potential of youth in the socio-economic development and attracting young people to public life, and that every patriot of his country, which would not have been obliged to maintain their national traditions and customs with a high sense of patriotism and unity.
In the end I want to add that we love our country's young defenders of the Motherland and their heroism for us to set an example in the future! Our police are ready at any cost to give his life defending the interests of the motherland.
Khushvakhtov Asliddin, a member of the youth group Vanguard, the student of the 4th year of the international relations department of the Tajik National University