Meeting Interior Minister with youth and residents of Roshtqala district


December 14, 2015, Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Rahimzoda Ramazon Hamro on the instructions of the President, the Nation's leader, Emomali Rahmon held a meeting with the youth and residents of Roshtqala district.
At the meeting were discussed issues of eliminating the consequences of earthquakes and other topical issues.
Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda marking material and financial assistance of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan to the region, has expressed that all the people in Tajikistan are ready to help them in difficult times.
In the course of the meeting, the Minister expressed concern adjacently Tajik citizens to various illegal parties and movements and their participation in armed conflict, Syria and Iraq, noting that we make every effort to return the wayward youth through advocacy. Currently, the armed conflicts of other countries, attended by more than 600 citizens of Tajikistan, of which 50 after the sensitization work, voluntarily returned to their homeland.
In addition, the Minister of the Interior said that the protection of the integrity of the country, the duty for everyone who lives on the edge, it must be a border guard.
During the meeting, about the events in the month of September this year, it was noted that the main source of funding for these events was the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, they led these events, and thanks to the cooperation of the population with law enforcement operations neutralize of terrorist groups have been completed in 10 -12 days.
During the meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs with the youth and the residents of Roshtkala district, population expressed their gratitude to the Nation leader for the attention and care, and noted the support and assistance as the cohesion and unity of the Tajik population.