The contribution of young people in the creative work


At the initiative of the youth group "Vanguard" in conjunction with the Department of Youth, Sport and Tourism of Ayni district and NGO "Sozandagoni Watan" starting with the 19th of January this year, during the winter break began meeting young people and students with high school students Ayni district under the motto "Long live our homeland, free of Tajikistan" (Zinda Bosch ey Watan, Tojikistoni Ozodi Man!).

It should be noted that on the initiative of young people and support the old center of the village Sangiston Ayni district, it was commissioned gazebo with 60 seats.
This is not the first initiative, active young people has contributed to the construction of roads in the village and planting seedlings for the garden.
It is an initiative of Youth "Vanguard" indicates that the youth of the country does not waste your valuable time in the shuffle, but rather makes its strength in creative work for the good of the motherland.