Visit Yazgulomi youth in Dushanbe


January 16, 2016, youth of Yazgulom Valley of Vanj district GBAO visited Dushanbe, where they got acquainted with the sights and cultural attractions of the capital.
The initiator of the visit the guests under the motto "Payomi dilho" were the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Committee of Youth, Sport and Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
In Dushanbe, the Yazgulom youth met with metropolitan youth and students, where they visited the complex "Kohi Navruz", got acquainted with the symbol of independence of Tajikistan National flag and blazon, the monument to Ismail Samani, the National Library, city park named by Rudaki, the Botanical Garden of Tajikistan (Bogi “Iram"), and other.
The visit of Yazgulom youth was to strengthen the friendship between the youth of all over the country, the solidarity and unity, and cultural familiarization with the traditions of the people.