Introducing young people to the historic and today sites of Gissar district


January 17, 2016, a group of young people from the valley Yazgulom of Vanj district GBAO with young people and students of Dushanbe visited Hissar district, and got acquainted with its attractions.
First, the youth arrived in Gissar historical and cultural reserve, which visited Hissar fortress and museum.
Hissar fortress is considered one of the main attractions of Tajikistan. The fortress is a museum on the open air. After the restoration of the fortress has acquired a new look, it was considered one of the important objects of the anniversary celebration of 3000 anniversary of Hissar.
It's historic and cultural heritage of the ancient city noise, which refers to the XV - XVII centuries.
Then the young people visited other attractions of Hissar district, including unusual building a national tea-house. Tea-house built in the form of a huge melon, in compliance with ancient traditions of urban development, the height of 43 meters, width of 55 meters and a length of 100 meters.

Review Sites Hissar district take great pleasure, and made a lasting impression.
During the meeting with the youth Yazgulom, Youth and Students in Dushanbe ensued cordial conversation, they discussed the theme of friendship and solidarity, patriotism and respect for national values.

Thus in a speech yazgulom youth Abdukholik Rizoev, Masroor Gairatov and Gulbonui Todzhibek expressed their gratitude to the President of the country, the leader of nation Emomali Rahmon for the constant care and attention to young people, the organizers of this event, for the fact that they have an opportunity to visit different regions of the republic such as, Kulyab and Dushanbe, Darwaz and Hissar, acquainted with the achievements of the period of Independence, historical and cultural sites.

Also, representatives of youth Dushanbe Ahmadhucha Davlatov, Shodibeg Golib, Saiddzhalol Murodov and others stressed the importance of friendship and unity, to encourage young people, not to get affected by different illegal parties and movements, to be able to appreciate the peace and stability in the country.

On his return to Dushanbe, youth of Yazgulom visited the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and familiarized with the work of this Committee.

In the end, the youth Yazgulom on behalf of the initiators of the event, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan were presented with souvenirs.