Appeal of Tajik youth to international organizations accredited in Tajikistan at the statement of the Political Council of the IRP on January 26, 2016


After the events of September 2015, we - the youth of Tajikistan came to the conclusion that appeal to the international organizations accredited in Tajikistan, and say, "Those who today are hiding in Europe, throwing stones in the direction of the Tajik people, by that way they want to hide their grave crimes. "

Former Chairman of the IRP Kabiri during the events of September 2015, was not on the territory of Tajikistan, and who knew what purpose was that he left Tajikistan. Without dispute, former Deputy Minister of Defense Abduhalim Nazarzoda attempted coup by bloodshed. But the Tajik people will not allow these leaders to carry out their black IRP plans, which were prepared for several years.
If not, why leaders of the IRP for themselves and their children cash foreign patrons and members of the party, outside the country have purchased houses and palaces. Their family members were taken to advance these countries. If their objectives were not selfish, then why did so?
We, the youth of Tajikistan to re-appeal to the world community through the media, and we want to say that in 24 years the Government of Tajikistan has provided all the necessary and equal conditions for all political parties, including for the IRP, provided an opportunity to carry its activities on the basis of the Constitution and to serve the people of Tajikistan, to carry his contribution to the development and prosperity of independent Tajikistan, but year after year determined the true intentions of the leaders and party members that their goals and intentions is the right moment.
For example, below are some facts about the actions of members of the extremist group of international organizations accredited in Tajikistan:
1. In 2009, when the former Chairman of the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Mirzo Ziyoyev nicknamed "Mirzo Jaga" was removed from his post, he did not put up with it and went to the Tavildara area, where he was born, prepared by a group of armed members IRP has planned the seizure of power in Tavildara, but the common people of the area learned about his own gain, contrary turned is not supported. Later, showing resistance to the power structures of the country, he was killed. From them were seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition. At that time, the IRP has never turned with statement, on the contrary gave political shade to crimes Mirzo Ziyoyev.
2. In 2010-2011, continued his selfish goals of the IRP is one of its leaders Abdullo Rakhimov, nicknamed by "Mullah Abdullah," who was outside the country and in the international search. It is in direct support of the leadership and members of the IRP in the Rasht region, wanted by the bloodshed once again lead the people to civil war. We young people will always remember 28 young soldiers of the Defence Ministry, which is on the way of defense of the motherland, in the territory of the gorge Kamarob Rasht region were killed by members of the extremist party. There was a question that who is responsible for these terrible events, so here, too, the government is to blame?
All these criminals who joined the ranks of groups Mullah Abdullah, pursued a policy against the state, were members of the IRP. In connection with these incidents IRP leaders never made a statement and expressed their condolences to the bereaved families and relatives.
3. In 2015, in the month of September, a man of the opposition entered Government, got to the rank of Deputy Minister of Defence and the rank of general - Abduhalim Nazarzoda, the objectives of which were self-serving, using his position and official powers tried to make an attempt of military coup. These events have also been implicated leaders of the IRP, especially Kabiri and their foreign patrons, which knows the Tajik people.
4. Everyone knows that it appeared from the IRP terrorist organization "Ansarullah" who are involved in such transnational crimes such as explosions, murders of innocent citizens in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. The leader of the terrorist organization was Amriddin Tabarov nicknamed "Mullah Amriddin" was a member of the IRP, and made a number of terrorist attacks and especially grave crimes on the territory of Central Asia.
5. The leaders and members of the IRP instead of to educate the youth in the spirit of patriotism and of course Hanafi, on the contrary, under the guise of Islam engaged in immoral crimes and deeds have no connection with the Islamic world.
Young people are well aware of Tajikistan Tajik new pages of history, how hard the Tajik people of being led by Founder of Peace and National Unity; the leader of the nation, the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmon came to statehood.
Therefore, we are the youth of Tajikistan, again referring to the international community through the media declare that statement and baseless statements of the former Chairman of the IRP Kabiri and his associates from the high tribune of international organizations and European countries are not true.

Youth of Tajikistan